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Welcome to the Glass Finance Documentation site.

What is Glass Finance?

Glass Finance is a decentralized insurance protocol powered by smart contracts on the Terra network, to facilitate levered coverage of mAssets against technical and economic failures, such as smart contract failures or depegs of mAssets from their real-world values. The removal of such risks from synthetic assets will allow for large-scale adoption and increased capital investment in these financial instruments. The increment of safety, investment, and the number of yield strategies available for mAssets will create competitive advantages for investing in mAssets over real-world assets or other on-chain synthetic assets. There will be various coverage vaults for each respective mAsset, with governance deciding on the target leverage ratio for each vault (Amount Insured/Insurance deposited) depending on the risk profile for each respective mAsset.

Why Glass Finance?

Glass Finance is being created as a protective layer built on top of Mirror Protocol. Through our protocol, Mirror will be brought back to the forefront of Terra, and mAssets will become far safer to invest in, increasing public interest. We believe that this will end Mirror's months of economic stagnation whilst the rest of the Terra ecosystem prospered. We aim to allow and incentivise the decentralized insurance of mAssets on Terra in the short term. Although our vision in the long term extends to moving Glass Finance cross-chain to a multitude of synthetic assets.
Glass Finance is anchored by its community, it is built from the ground up as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, meaning governance is a key factor in every area of the protocol, and new concepts and ideas (new assets to insure, more blockchains to insure etc..) will continually evolve the protocol.
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